[GSA] Call for Proposals: GSA Connects 2024

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    2024-01-30 10:53
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As GSA's Associate Director of Scientific Integrity & Strategic Partnerships, I want to personally thank you for your part in collaborating with the Geological Society of America to advance the geosciences.


We are eager to strengthen our partnership with your society and find ways to deepen the engagement of our respective members. One way to do that is by expanding the breadth and quality of the science presented at our meetings, like the upcoming in Anaheim, California this September. We would be honored to have you participate in this meeting and ask that you encourage your members to submit proposals for short courses or technical sessions.


As a vital part of our community, submission of your members’ proposals for technical sessions and short courses will lead to a stronger meeting for all of us. Please encourage your members to submit a proposal today by clicking on this link: or the button below.